The Wreck Of The Spiegel Grove: A Scuba Diver's Tour

The Wreck Of The Spiegel Grove: A Scuba Diver's Tour

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I owe you this video! Finally, I've got the footage to give you a DPV Scuba Diver's Tour of the third-largest artificial reef in the world: USN Spiegel Grove.

Shot over four or five dives, I've pieced together footage and time-lapse of my favourite dives to do on this massive wreck. Thanks to my Black Tip DPV from Dive Xtras (not sponsored - paid for this beast!) I now have the right tool to cover this entire wreck.

The Spiegel Grove was a USN Landing Ship Dock, a support vessel, that provided shoreward operations during the cold war. 510ft (155m) long, 84ft (25m) across her beam, she is the third-largest wreck to be sunk for the purposes of creating a dive site.

I absolutely love scuba diving this wreck. I've probably got about 300-400 scuba dives on this dive site and I can never get bored of her. She is an ideal training ground for everything from Advanced Open Water Diver Courses all the way up to Tec Courses.

If you're diving the Spiegel Grove - or any dive for that matter - never exceed the limits of your training!

Thanks as always for watching!


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A Scuba Diver's Tour of the Spiegel Grove Wreck

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